newbie just purchased 1985 1100 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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newbie just purchased 1985 1100 Aspencade

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This might be a long story. I have no experience with Goldwings. So here goes. I purchased a 1985 1100 Aspencade with high mileage 166,ooo km. The owner had bad luck with it. He purchased it about a year ago in Prince George BC for $3000 (Can) He drove it home to Chetwynd BC and it was ok. He decided to have it serviced and make sure it was roadworthy. So he took it to a dealer in Beaverton Alberta (about 3 hours drive away). They charged him $2600 to overhaul and clean and sync the carbs, overhaul the clutch and front brake master cylinders. He drove it home from there and was pleased with the performance. He then found that the bike would not idle except with the choke on. He called the dealer and they felt it was a minor adjustment maybe to resync the carbs however it would not be covered by warranty which pissed him off. Plus the three hour drive there and back. So you now you can get a feeling for distances involved here you city dwellers who can get to a dealer or mechanic in half an hour. So the bike sat since last July and the only thing he did was add fuel stabiliser over the winter. (can get down to -40 up here) So this month he decides to sell it and along I come not really looking for a goldwing but the price of $1000 tempted me too much.
On inspection it started ok but seemed a little noisy to me. Everything seemed to work I road tested it and it lacked power. His answer was that it must be a problem with the carbs and that when he warmed it up for half an hour it was ok. So fool me blinded by the chrome decided to purchase it. Today I came to pick it up. Put the new plates on it put some fresh gas in charged the battery for half an hour let it run for 10-15mins after which it seemed to run without the choke
Adjusted the idle speed to 1100 rpm and away I went turned left from his driveway went about 1km and it felt good descended a hill about another 1km and decided to turn around at the bottom of the hill and head back. I got a quarter of the way up the hill and had to keep changing down got to first gear and it did not
want to go up that hill. So here I am stuck on a corner in an awkward position on a hill with logging trucks having to go in to the other lane to get past. Thats Jackfish lake road in Chetwynd if you want to google it on the map. So I parked and hiked back to the house. Now I have a very bad left hip and am 70 years old (no fool like an old fool) so I was huffing and puffing up that hill. When I got back he was at work and his wife who had helped me in the am had gone to town
abot 3km away. I walked back to the bike and waited for what I don't know. Anyway a young man in his pick up came by and I told him I just had to get to the top of this hill. He helped me so a big thank you to him. We wrapped a tow strap around the front forks and he drove slowly while I supported the bike. Of course I was hobbling along and needed to take a break after a couple of minutes close to heart attack. As luck would have it another lady stopped and she helped too so thank you to her. She drove the guys pick up and he supported the bike with me adding a little assistance at the back. We made it to the top I thanked the people who helped me. Started the bike and drove it into the lady's garage from whence it came. She had returned from town. So there the bike sits
They are going away for one week and I said I would try and arrange a trailer by then I live 90km away in Tumbler Ridge. Now there does not seem to be any motorcycle mechanics in Chetwynd or Tumbler Ridge. I now have to hitch a ride back there. The previous owner is not too interested in helping as he notes he spent $5600 on a bike that he barely rode 500 hundred km and I can understand that. So that is my first experience with a Goldwing. You guys can let me have it if you want, but I still have hope that it is not a major fix. So please give your opinion on what you think is wrong. Thank you in anticipation.

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Re: newbie just purchased 1985 1100 Aspencade

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2 comments and then i'll turn you over to those more qualified ...

1) carbs should not have to be "resynced" after a shop supposedly overhauled and synced them; so something does not add up there. in fact, syncing only affects idle, whereas your problem seems to be under load, so the shop is out to lunch there.
2) if it's a 1985 then it's a gl1200, not an 1100, so please clarify the year/model.

good luck with your bike, i hope you stay with it, they are wonderful machines once you get things sorted out, and, depending on condition, $1000 isn't necessarily too much to pay, even though you are having issues.
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Re: newbie just purchased 1985 1100 Aspencade

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Congrats on your new purchase. As winguyjo mentions these are great bikes once you get them sorted out.

Finding a mechanic for these older bikes is a challenge, and can be near impossible. Get the OEM service and the electrical troubleshooting manuals, supplement these with a Haynes or Clymer and a lot of your issues will be addressed. Without the manuals, you can go down the proverbial rabbit hole quite quick.

Peruse the forums for information. You can probably get the answer to your questions/thoughts by doing this and not having to ask for opinions.

There are some basic tools that you will need, but first get the manuals, sit down in a comfy chair with a cup of Joe, and start reading.

I've been working on my '85 LTD fuel injected GW for three years, my retirement project keeping me busy and the mind engaged.

PM sent.

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