Water pump - How bad is bad ?

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Water pump - How bad is bad ?

Post by OldguyGlen »

Bike only has 20k miles... water pump shouldn't be worn out yet. Bike sat in storage for 10 yrs, but did have antifreeze in it with no leaks all that time. I removed radiator to do timing belts, t'stat, hoses, etc. Pump impeller/shaft felt OK by hand feel. Got it all back together and fired it up. Weep hole dripping antifreeze at the rate of about 1 tablespoon per 30 minutes. Only drips while running (hot). No drip for days when just sitting.
I wouldn't think it is worn out. Could seals go bad just sitting? Will seal swell up, or seat-in under pressure and the leak might get better after some road time? Antifreeze is cheap... a 4 hour run time might only leak 8 tablespoons or 4 ounces. Can I ignore the leak until I get tired of refilling the overflow tank every 20 hours of run time? How long after first sign of leakage before the pump is so bad it might fail? I've already spent big $$ getting this bike ready for the road, I hate to think of another $200 right now. Any encouragement from you guys??

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Re: Water pump - How bad is bad ?

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No, the water pump is not worn out but time has killed the seal. It will probably never leak real bad but it's probably not going to heal up.
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