83 GL1100 Interstate possible clutch problem

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83 GL1100 Interstate possible clutch problem

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Was riding my bike to work this morning when the bike stopped shifting in to gear. Luckily was able to get off the road and park it. Bike starts, idles, and revs as normal. I click the shifter down into 1st gear, I can hear the click, the neutral light goes off but when i give it power and release the clutch lever the engine just revs up and bike goes nowhere. It shifts into all the gears but sometimes is difficult to get it to shift and takes a little force to change gears. Other times it shifts easily without any undo force. No matter what gear I shift to the bike will not move. Any idea what is wrong with the bike? Just bought the bike last week and ran pretty well over the weekend. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: 83 GL1100 Interstate possible clutch problem

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It's a lot more likely to be a problem with the drive shaft, final drive or the drive splines on the wheel than a clutch problem. Put it on the center stand, put it in gear, pull back the rubber boot on the drive shaft and rotate the rear wheel and see if the drive shaft turns.
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