Turn signal mounts

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Re: Turn signal mounts

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When I did my 83 gl1100 the headlight mounting ears that I bought were mutilated the same as the ones on your bike. I carefully ground the welds off the back of the sawed off turn signal mounts with a dremel. This left a rectangular hole through which I inserted bar stock which fit the oem turnsignals. My buddy who has more skill than I then tack welded the new mounts in place. The bar stock had been previously shaped and drilled to accept the turnsignals. I was very happy with the result. The forks can be fairly easily pulled out and new mounts put in (if you can find them Ebay is your friend here). In my case I had purchased the mounting ears before I knew that tabs were required to mount the turn signals. Also you can do a search to find aftermarket mounts for turnsignals but in my case I was going for the original look.

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