Where to find brake hoses?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Where to find brake hoses?

Post by goldwingingit »

The GL1100 I bought for $50 is starting to show some promise. Flushing out the oil with ATF cleaned up any gunk on the starter motor clutch, and now I'm digging into the brakes!

I have the '83 model with the linked rear brake, and I want to replace the lines on it. I can't seem to find replacements anywhere online. I found old forum posts and unfortunately the links on there are all dead.

There are four separate hoses as seen in this parts diagram

(8.93 KiB) Not downloaded yet

and of course, none of them are available. Does anyone know the exact dimensions and threads of them? Or a place where I can order them?

I could take them off and go to an auto parts store, but I don't think it's likely they're going to have this much metric gear on hand! :D

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Re: Where to find brake hoses?

Post by detdrbuzzard »

I think my niece fod brake lines for her 1200 aspy on galfer's website
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Re: Where to find brake hoses?

Post by phredryxun96 »

Check out APEXbrakes. Just ordered mine from them, very pleased.
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Re: Where to find brake hoses?

Post by Johnyy Smoke »

A search on e bay should yield good results. I would recommend steel braided brake lines. I bought a set for $80. (yes all four lines) There is a seller from Canada that carries them on e bay. It is a VERY good investment. Makes a big difference. However, bleeding the brake lines after replacement is quite entertaining. :) Regards, Johnny

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