seriously cold-blooded

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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seriously cold-blooded

Post by winguyjo »

i have done enough reading here to know that these old wings are considered cold-blooded animals, and today i learned to take this seriously.

went to take wing2 for it's first 'real' ride this morning and as soon as i shifted to 2nd gear it began some serious hesitation and even stalling. re-start it immediately and again, poor running and stalling. deeply disappointed, and fearing another carb removal, i circle back and get it into my driveway. a chunk of the day was devoted to inspecting the petcock and testing fuel pump. no issues there whatsoever.

to make a long-ish story short, it seems that i must have hopped on and rode off a couple of minutes sooner than on my previous 'round-the-block' test rides because this evening, despite having checked over the fuel system and finding everything ok, it did the same thing, but this time i rode it a bit longer, going easy on the throttle, until finally, only a minute or 2 later, it began taking the throttle with no problem.

i guess that i was letting it warm up longer before my previous rides, listening to the engine, but today, flush with confidence in the machine, i did not wait til she was ready.

lesson learned.

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Re: seriously cold-blooded

Post by froche »

Mine was like that and finally got it fixed, but it was on a 1200.

Replaced the slow jet (idle pilot).
You can but new ones for cheap on ebay
Stock size is 35, i tried 40 and it worked and then tried 35 also worked. (1200)
I think any size from 35 to 40 should work. ... SwdxJas0iB (also for 1200)

But you can see how cheap these are. Probably a little bit of crap stuck in there, it seemed easier to replace than clean. i spent 5.00 on mine. i am surew you can find some for an 1100.
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Re: seriously cold-blooded

Post by DenverWinger »

1100 shouldn't be that way

Mine is perfectly happy if you start it and just go. It gets maybe a minute warm-up as I'm backing it out of the garage and shutting the door. If it's 40-50 degrees out I leave the choke on maybe the first 5 mins 'cause she'll stumble badly without it but runs fine with choke, 60 degrees just a min or two, 70 degrees don't really need the choke at all....
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