The old girl...

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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The old girl...

Post by Psycheonabike »

Don't think I can do much more now. Happy with her now and just been out for the first decent ride since I bought her as a non starter and she pulls like a rocket!!! Reminds me of a Vmax I used to have....HANG ON...!!!!

Remaining foibles are:

1. Cylinder #2 plug still sooty but seems to be firing now as revs drop if I pull the plug cap off.
2. Smokes like a goodun (left side) after being on side stand over night (normal I think?)
3. Vibrates when accelerating and decelerating
4. I think there's a leak from the rev-counter cable engine side
5. Bit of 'tapping' until fully warmed up

I don't think any if the above are deal breakers and certainly didn't stop her this afternoon.

By the way, that's Glastonbury Festival in the background !

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Re: The old girl...

Post by winguyjo »

mine was letting out a large puff of blue from the RIGHT side after sitting on the side stand overnight; not sure if your issue is the same, but valve seals have a tendency to harden on bikes that have been sitting for years, and i have found that they often soften up and work much better with some run time. that was certainly the case with my gl1100.

you have it looking sharp, and i am sure you will have these little issues sorted out in no time. enjoy !
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