rain problems

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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rain problems

Post by bitterrooter »

Here in Montana we don't get a lot of rain but when we do in comes fast and hard. I hit a "shower" yesterday that lasted just about 5 minutes but by the time it stopped the engine almost did too. After a stop in a filling station waiting for the rain to stop the bike was hard to start and ran on maybe 2 cylinders. I pulled out of the way and set there for maybe another 5-10 minutes with the engine running between 2000 and 3000rpm. The stop and keeping the engine rpms up so it wouldn't quit it seemed to dry out and ran well all the way home. Cause? I'm thinking maybe a cracked coil or one of the relays I've seen mentioned in some other post. I'm puzzled with the face that something as high up behind the fairing and under the false tank could get wet in such a short time. This was my first time in the rain with this 82 Aspencade. Any ideas on where to look on this site or any original ideas as where to start looking would really help. You guys have been a tremendous help in getting this old machine up and running after sitting for some 15-20 years in an old warehouse, THANKS.

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Re: rain problems

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Just under each spark plug there are drain holes to keep water from pooling around the plugs. My bet is a couple of them are clogged. You can use a small wire or whatever to clear them.
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Re: rain problems

Post by DenverWinger »

If it turns out the drain holes are OK you may have degraded spark plug caps or wires.

Some evening after dark try wetting them down with a spray bottle with the engine running and look for sparks snapping around where they shouldn't....
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Re: rain problems

Post by dnehasert »

I had a similar problem years ago, heavy rain got to the ignition coils . sealed around the cables with silicone on the assembly and it cured the problem.

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