Clarion radio repair

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Clarion radio repair

Post by hondaazz »

Hey group, new '81 owner here! First, I want to say "thank you" to everyone here that's posted tips & tricks over the years - its been a valuable resource for me to getting my GW roadworthy again.
My problem I would like to solve (but haven't found any solutions here yet) is that the radio receiver is weak. The unit I have is installed in the left side of the fairing, and has the frequency readout along with the controls right on it. I've checked the antenna connections and it's working fine. If I use local, the radio stations come in OK (but in mono), but in DX they're very iffy at best - lots of deep fades, in & out of stereo, etc. My background is in electronics, but not receiver repairs ( I do have an Amateur radio license). Is there a schematic out there that I can use to troubleshoot the radio? I would prefer an alignment procedure, but any info (even if these radios were junk) would help.
As a side note, any info on the intercom plugin would be great! I've tried searching for a module to plug into the radio, but no luck yet. Or info on a CB (can a regular mobile CB be connected?) would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Clarion radio repair

Post by Wilcoy02 »

With no info This is a guess. I am assuming it is a clarion II radio. Sierra electronics is the only place that still works on these dinsours.
They are a good radio. Give them a call and they can tell you everything you want to know.
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Re: Clarion radio repair

Post by newday777 »

Actually the 1980 & 81 had Type 1 Clarion radios. I don't know if the Type 1 had a cb optional add in.
Type 2 came out for 1982 and 83. It had an optional cb.
Yes there is a seperate unit for the intercom for the Type 2.
I sold the Type 2 radio from my 83 last spring. It had the am/fm, intercom, cb. It weighed @ 30 lbs total with all the parts.

A better option would be to ditch the Clarion and put in a modern Bluetooth Marine grade radio. Much lighter weight than the old clunker too. Then add Sena Bluetooth headsets so you are cordless. Some of the Sena headsets have radios in them too.
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Re: Clarion radio repair

Post by nwkwinger »

I'll add to the "ditch" comment. Yes, replace it with something modern, but don't throw it away. It may add a little bit of value to your bike if and when you decide to get rid of it.

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