spark plug wire replacement

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Re: spark plug wire replacement

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On the wire. Transfer metal clips to new wires.

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Re: spark plug wire replacement

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the coil and the plug cap both have a threaded pintle in the center where the wire is inserted. on the coil there is a threaded ferrule that is slid on the wire before the wire is inserted into the coil. once installed the ferrule is threaded into place making a water tight connection. on the cap side the boot is slid onto the wire ans the wire is installed into the cap and then the boot is pushed into place. i have linked a video showing the installation of a NGK plug cap. hope this helps.

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Re: spark plug wire replacement

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NGK makes a cable splicer for repairing spark plug wires. It is stock number J1 8083. I used them to put new wires on a 75 wing. I don’t have a lot of time on them yet but they seem to work well. Just make sure you get the wires fully seated into the splicer. Unlike the plug caps which screw into the wire, the splicers are a push in fit worth a rubber ferrule and a threaded cap on the splicer.
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