Will it fit? 1983 GL1100I w/ Shinko 230 Tourmaster Rear Tire

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Will it fit? 1983 GL1100I w/ Shinko 230 Tourmaster Rear Tire

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New to the GL world, but have been reading about the rear tire clearance issues. The PO of my bike had Dunlop Elite 3s on the bike (MU90B16 for the rear). The tires are old, but I've put a small amount of miles on them and noticed that they were rubbing a bit. Seems like only in a couple of spots, so don't know if the wheel is bent slightly (not sure how often that occurs) or if the tire itself might have been bulging due to deterioration or damage. In any case, before taking off the wheel I noticed that there was the rub, and where it didn't rub the clearance was razor thin.

I have a 140/90-16 Shinko 230 Tourmaster Rear sitting on my garage floor and after comparing it to the old Elite 3 I've noticed that the Shinko is definitely wider. I think the Shinko is probably between 145mm and 150mm, whereas the Elite 3 is closer to 140mm. Now I'm thinking if I mount this Shinko it's gonna rub like crazy. Since the Elite 3, which is the manual specified size, was rubbing a bit, the Shinko should only be worse.

Anyone mount a 140/90-16 Shinko 230 Tourmaster Rear on an '83? Interested to know if others have already mounted these and found out they rub.

Would there be any problems with fit if I downsized to a 130/90-16? A 130 is recommended for a wheel that has a 3" width, but the '83 rear wheel is 3.5" if I'm not mistaken. Even if it fits fine, any other issues with going down a size?

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Re: Will it fit? 1983 GL1100I w/ Shinko 230 Tourmaster Rear Tire

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I have put over 60,000 miles on my '83 with the 130/90's and never had a problem using the Dunlop Elites. The last tire I put on was a 140/90 and could not tell a difference.
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