Is it possible my timing belt jumped a tooth?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Is it possible my timing belt jumped a tooth?

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Hello all, after my single carb conversion on my 82 Goldwing it’s running really well. Idles pretty good and will rev to the moon if you let it. My only problem is if you snap the throttle back really quick it backfires through the carb and dies. Fires right up afterwards. The bike has 37,000 miles on it and I have no idea when the timing belts were last changed if ever. I have new set sitting on my shelf ready to go on this weekend. I’m just curious if maybe one of the belts jumped a tooth and this is causing the backfire under really hard throttle. If you get on it normally it runs great. Only backfires when you hit it fast. I’m guessing that if it’s off one tooth when the vacuum advance kicks in it’s just enough to let it ignite before the intake valve is fully closed. Thoughts? Is this even possible?

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Re: Is it possible my timing belt jumped a tooth?

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The belt would have to be awful loose to jump a tooth, those are pretty tight fitting cogs. I doubt it has jumped. But I would replace them anyway, with a quickness.

These engines will run without damage if the timing belts are +- one cog ... But they won't run "Right".

Not sure what could be causing your backfire, at good revs when a coil is fired probably some 20 degrees BTDC, one cylinder will be on power stroke and valves closed, the wasted spark side will be finishing up exhaust stroke and intake valve not open yet. In order for an intake valve to be opening when wasted spark occurs the timing belt would have to have jumped to be "early" rather than "late". I can see why the engine might die after a backfire, now the entire intake is full of "exhaust" and it will have to pump that thru the engine before it gets fuel and oxygen again.

You're pretty lucky if you get a SCC setup to run good, many people report disappointing results with a single carb....

Here's a trick for installing the right side belt. The cam wants to turn about two cogs CCW from the timing mark, I simply turn the crank a corresponding two cogs CCW, that way you don't have to fight the valve spring while getting that belt on. After the belt is on, you can turn the crank back to TDC and confirm the timing mark on the cam gear lines up correctly.

After putting the belts back on, note that the timing marks on the cams will rarely line up "Exact". You'll know they are correct if moving the belt one cog in either direction would make the timing marks line up "worse".
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