83 GL1100A LCD quit working

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83 GL1100A LCD quit working

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I need help to fix my LCD on my display. I replaced my starting button assembly due to it being cracked and it twisted around. I took the weight off of the front that the assembly goes into and plugged it in. Then I put the plate back on and checked everything to make sure everything was working and it was. I went and drove it to the gas station got gas and when I took off the LCD turned off and then back on and stayed on for 10 miles then it went off again and hasn't come back on. All other lights are on Neutral Oil Pressure all the lights that light up the dash and both turn signals all these work. The things that don't work are the LCD and the mileage I drove it forty miles and still have the same mileage that I had at the gas station.

What I have done so far is take the fairing off so I could get to the wiring harness easier rechecked the wires in there and noticed I had pinched 2 wires. I repaired those wires and still not working. I have replaced all the fuses with new ones and checked the connections to the dash unit. I hope this isn't a redundant post I've search for this and couldn't find any with my issue and I am sorry if it is. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Re: 83 GL1100A LCD quit working

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Have you tightened the push in connectors yet? The round female connectors loosen up over the years and probably need a little crimping to tighten to the male pins.
You have a loosen connector somewhere from the intermittent working, not working you experienced.
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