Carb cleaning fuel additive.

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Shed Pete
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Carb cleaning fuel additive.

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Hi all,

Just got a 1981 GL1100, it has been stored for years had a bit of a mechanical refurb just over a year ago but has only done 8 miles since then, the carbs seem to be a bit sticky but seem to have improved slightly after filling with fresh fuel, just wondering if anyone has any experience with fuel additives that could clean the carbs a bit for now, I'm planning on a full carb rebuild later but have enough other stuff to deal with first, I just want to get it running a bit better now.


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Re: Carb cleaning fuel additive.

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I wouldn't put much hope in it fixing your problem........... But it is cheap and easy! So sure stop by your local auto parts store or Walmart and pick up a bottle of your favorite brand and pour it in, go for a ride and see if it helps. You still have your back up plan of rebuilding them later.

Best of luck !
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Re: Carb cleaning fuel additive.

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One ounce ATF per gallon of gasoline
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Re: Carb cleaning fuel additive.

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I use atf every second fill up.

For rt now i would put in seafoam in the gas and run the bike.
This at times will help clean out the carbs.

Put some seafoam in the oil about 100 miles before you are changing the oil.
Helps get some junk out and helps with the shifting.

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