GL1100 Throttle Plate Friction Issue

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GL1100 Throttle Plate Friction Issue

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I am in the middle of GL1100 rebuild and currently assembling the carbs after much cleaning. Here is the issue: I'm mating the #2 & #4 carbs. Separately the throttle plates move great. Nice and smooth with no binding. When I put the carbs together and attach the intake housing they are still fine. BUT THEN....I tighten the screws on the intake housing and the throttle plates no lut onger move freely as a pair. There is quite a bit of friction. I can still move it easily enough by hand but seems too stiff. I'm not sure if it was that way when I took them apart but hesitant to assemble them this way as I think the throttle could be too stiff. I've had them apart several times and studied my pictures. I just can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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