1981 GL1100 Backfire through exhaust

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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1981 GL1100 Backfire through exhaust

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Hello, New to the site so I sorry if this is a repeat. Picked up a 81 GL1100 that has sat for sometime. Rebuilt the Carbs, Cleaned Fuel tank, Changed Spark Plugs, Rebuilt Brakes, New Battery, All wiring is good (so far). I have verified timing and valve clearances. I have not Synced the carbs yet. It idle's mostly good and the issue i'm having is revving up it is inconsistent One time it will Bog and the next it may not, If you hold it at 3500-6000rpm it will start cannoning out the exhaust. I have not changed plug wires yet but have removed boots while running to check for consistency. On Cyl 1-3 I removed both plugs wires and my shoulder was resting on the mirror and could feel spark in my shoulder(it was light and just noticeable) I think I may be doing the Dodge Neon conversion but before I do, Is there another road I need to go down? I will be replacing the wires for sure also. The bike has 27,000 miles on it.
Thanks for taking the time to read and help.

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Re: 1981 GL1100 Backfire through exhaust

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Hello, my bike does something similar, but at about 2500rpm. I would suggest a sync of the carbs especially since you had them out of the bike. Did you split them or just flip the assembly when you cleaned them? You can buy a sync kit online fairly cheap too if you dont have a shop near you that can (or is willing to) sync them for you.

Good luck!
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