Final Drive Gear Case connection problem

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Final Drive Gear Case connection problem

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Replacing my tires. Removed the 3 gear case nuts holding the final gear case, pulled the case and saw this (see photos). There's no gasket or o-ring between these parts. Moisture got in, then some rust formed. I'm the only owner of this 1983 Interstate and am the only person that worked on this connection the last time I had tires put on (maybe 8-10 years ago or so). At that time, there was not enough space to use a torque wrench when installing it. This time, when I removed the gear case nuts, they were all nice and tight.

I can clean the rust off, but any ideas what might have caused this and what might I do to prevent this going forward? Is it possible the moisture entered upstream and settled in this area and couldn't escape?

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Re: Final Drive Gear Case connection problem

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There's actually supposed to be an O-ring in the rusty end of the swing arm you've got pictured where the driveshaft comes out. It is Honda part number 91352-463-003. Unfortunately it isn't available from Honda anymore, but if you go to a shop that sells seals and bearings they will have a complete selection O-rings. You want a 47 X 2.5 O-ring. I had to do this last year for my bike too. I ordered 10 of them to keep in stock just so I'd never run out over the course of time servicing this bike.
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