Fusebox Issues

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Fusebox Issues

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Hey guys. Been having some issues with my headlights and dash lights randomly going out.

Checked out fuses first and that was the cause. Replaced them all and it fixed it but then it kept happening. Noticed that if I fiddle with the fuses a little it makes things work but it'll spark on me and the smallest little bumps will cause the lights to go off. Fuses are super secure in their spots though. I know jack **** about electrical.

Also noticed that the wiring diagram for my year is WAAAY off from what my fuse box layout is. Anyone know what's up with that? There wasn't a cover so I had to check each fuse to figure out what they went to. Headlights all the way left but diagram shows it being fourth from the left. Accessories are second from left.

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Re: Fusebox Issues

Post by Wilcoy02 »

Search the forum for fuse box replacement. You will see some fuse boxes that are toast on the back side. This may be your problem or it may not be.
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