I´m confused. What carburettor-type is this?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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I´m confused. What carburettor-type is this?

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I am struggling with my GL1100 1981. It runs so terrible, when the engine is cold. It's like a wild horse, when i engage the choker. Surgin up and down but dies the moment i open the throttle just a little bit. Normally i use the choker to control the speed instead of the throttle, for the first couple of kilometres until the engine is a bit warm.
During this madness, the engine stalls very violent. It almost sound and feels like somebody is hitting the engine hard with a hammer. This disappears when the engine is hot.
Engine and carburettor is completely rebuild. The carburettors is synchronised and pilotscrew is trimmed.
In my frustration i looked at some pictures i once took of the carbs. Strange thing is, that they have number VB48B. Everywhere i read about GL1100 carbs, they only refer to VB48A and VB48C.
So has a former owner swapped carbs?
I´m confused. Can anybody enlighten me..
All the best

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