New Owner 1983 Aspencade GL-1100 Questions and Request

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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New Owner 1983 Aspencade GL-1100 Questions and Request

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I am the new owner of a 1983 Aspencade and have a few questions. The was a lot of extra wiring on the bike for lights and stuff but I have disconnected everything that was not factory standard including the 4 wire trailer light connector. I am A ex (1968-1975) Honda/Kawasaki mechanic and recognize a bad wiring job when I see three splices in a 4-foot wire. The bike had a backed out stator bolt that actually cracked the rear cover so now the engine is out and being worked on, new fluids, Locktite the bolt, new timing belts, carb cleaning, new plugs adjust the valves, new filters, new stator, am I missing anything?

I have been looking everywhere for a good clear color wiring diagram for the 83 Aspencade without any luck. Does anyone have one?

There is a loose wire that is connected to a switch/sensor on the side stand? I can't find this connection on the B&W wiring diagrams anywhere. Can anyone provide some inside to this?

I am wondering about a high output stator, does anyone have experience with this item? I am also thinking about changing over high current bulbs to led's. I would be interested in anyone's experiences.

Bill in Cincy.

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Re: New Owner 1983 Aspencade GL-1100 Questions and Request

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I have some color schematics, sent the links in a PM, Private Message to you

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Re: New Owner 1983 Aspencade GL-1100 Questions and Request

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blibecap Welcome to the forum

The switch on the side stand was added on to let the driver know the side stand was down.
Several of us have added that to our bikes.
Look at eh "how to's" at the top of any page. I think there is a thread on adding this to a bike.

Since you have the bike apart you might consider rebuilding the shocks. After 30+ yrs the spacer on the bottom of the shock is pretty well shot. Take pictures of your adventures so we can follow.
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