Seat/fender tail thing upgrade

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Seat/fender tail thing upgrade

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Hey everyone, was wondering if there were any suggestions on where I could get a sort of cafe-ish tail section for my 80 gl1100. I saw this photo on the web which I actually believe is from a member on here as well.

I want to reproduce his look as it's got the sporty look but also seems pretty damn comfortable (I don't want to be slipping and sliding on one of the trendy "cafe" seats that are all over online.

If no one's got any leads on that, does anyone have any idea if anyone makes any of the saddlemen style seats for goldwings?
Something like this.

I tried just cutting down the current seat foam (poorly done) and stretching some auto vinyl material over and well, it looks better than the old seat condition but definitely still a pile of junk. Definitely more comfortable though. I didn't stretch it well so it's all wrinkly around the edges and there's a pretty big gap between the vinyl and the foam right where my ass goes. Also don't mind the missing bits and mess of wires visible, I just need her to ride, not look too pretty right now.

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