Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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hey i realiize this is super basic, but i received this bike as a gift from a family member and i was just wondering what the standard oil to put in it was as well as if anyone uses anything other then the standard and how it works in their experience. Thank you

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Re: oil

Post by thrasherg »

I don't know the specific grade of oil for your model (Probably 20W50 or 10W30), but do make sure you only use motorcycle oil (or oil without friction modifiers). Regular car oil has some very slippery additives (Called friction modifiers) which become embedded in the clutch plates and can cause the clutch to slip (Replacement of the clutch is the only solution and is quite expensive). Cars don't have the clutch immersed in the engine oil like motorbikes so you need to use an oil specifically intended for motorcycle use.


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Re: oil

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Do not use 5w-30 or 10w-30 automobile oils as they have friction modifiers that will harm your clutch. I have used the Valvoline 10w-40 motorcycle oil in the past, in addition to 15w-40 Diesel oil with good results. Also used 15w-50 Mobil 1 but do not see it around here any more. You won't go wrong with them.

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Re: oil

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Guzzler, On this website, look up which manual goes with your bike, if not i woudl get one online. They have all that info and more! :D

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Re: oil

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valvoline is a mineral oil. the moto goldwing synthetic oil is recommended. the climate of romania using sinthetic oil 10w40. or above 20w40.

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Re: oil

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A couple of favorite oils used by a lot of wingers are Shells Rotella T 15w40 and Chevrons Dello LE 15w40. Most any modern motor oil is better than any oil produced 30 years ago,just read the label and make sure it doesnt say "energy conserving" anywhere. Everyone has an opinion on oil
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Re: oil

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Above is correct NO FRICTION MODIFIERS OR ENERGY CONSERVING..WILL TRASH YOUR CLUTCH. There is a little circle on the label lower right usually the bottom of that circle should be empty..10/40 in mormal temps..10/50 if you are riding in temps over 95.



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