Working on the rear brake lever

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Working on the rear brake lever

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After a good 10 months in storage, I've been doing some necessary but not crucial maintenance to the wing before I hit the road again. After storage, I found that the rear brake action was very sticky. It got better after some repeated up and down, but I decided I should probably grease up the lever. Digging around in that area I found this back there and wondering if it's a fluid leak, if I need to change a seal somewhere. I have the suspicion that something got set on top of the brake lever during the winter and kept it depressed for months on end. And that's what I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if you are a rust expert and could comment on my center stand tube, that would also be very nice. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Working on the rear brake lever

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I assume that you're talking about where it appears to be slightly wet right above the rubber boot on your master cylinder. I does look like it's just starting to seep. If you have any doubts at all, I would suggest rebuilding it. Now would be the time since you're already in there.
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