1st trip with my 1982 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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1982 GL1100A Aspencade (engine broken)
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1st trip with my 1982 Aspencade

Post by nils.hagen »

I'm getting ready for a trip from Minnesota out to Montana and beyond with my dad and brother in a couple weeks, and just thought I'd run some things by the more experienced hands here.

Firstly, I'm hoping to replace my windshield before the trip. I'm 6'3 and end up slouching to avoid getting my helmet buffeted by wind, so a taller screen would be very advantageous for my posture. I'm looking at Slip Streamers and trying to decide between the S-162 which is 2 inches taller than stock or the S-168 which is the bigger wraparound. The wraparound will give me lots of room out of the wind, but will it be ungodly hot? Would a couple days of 90 degrees and sunny weather leave me a roasted husk? Basically, which would be more comfortable for long hot days on the freeway?

Next, I'm working on replacing my air filter, and checking fluids and whatnot, are there any other maintenance issues I should look at specifically? What's most likely to break down over a long trip and what would be the biggest pain to fix while stranded in some podunk town in Idaho?

Lastly, any way I could get the g*sh d*rn FM radio to work? AM works fine, but I can't get an FM signal to save my life

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Re: 1st trip with my 1982 Aspencade

Post by DenverWinger »

I've logged several cross-country trips totaling around 10,000 miles on my '80 1100 STD (now over 100K miles), two of them 2up and pulling a fully-loaded camper trailer cross country. Never a trouble of any kind, just put fuel in it (maybe a little oil, had a leaky seal) and go. If your maintenance is good I would expect to have a trouble-free trip. These are actually pretty bullet-proof bikes.

Do check that the stator connector by the battery box has been eliminated and the stator wires are soldered. A stator fail on the road is the last thing you want. Good that you have traveling companions, if any of you have an issue nobody is stuck at the side of the road.

I have a tall slipstreamer on my 1500, I don't find myself getting hot behind that, and the windshield I have on the 1100's Vetter is the tall version, too.

A memorable trip was Summer 2012, the return trip down US-24 (parallels I-70) took us thru the center of the country in the middle of a record heat wave. When temps are in the mid-upper 100's I don't care what windshield you have or how many wind-wings, HOT is HOT and that was downright HOT. The 1100 pulling the camper had no issues and took the heat well, but by 2pm the humans couldn't take it anymore, so over the 5 days of the return trip mid-afternoons were spent in some air conditioned tavern in some little town along the way sipping on iced tea or maybe a cold brew waiting for it to cool down some outside.

Do have a memorable and safe trip, and take lots of pictures! (and as to the FM radio, Minnesota to Montana not much to be found on FM once you get out of range of the cities anyway, just little low power stations in small towns that quickly fade out. You'll be glad the AM band works!)

One more thought about the radio - likely too late for this trip though, Pull it, box it up and send it to Sierra Electronics, experts on all makes/models of Goldwing stereos. Quick turn-around, and usually repaired for a flat-rate. Call them for a quote, and turn-around time, they might be able to squeeze you in - in time for your trip.

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