Front brake locking up, again

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Front brake locking up, again

Post by bofler »

About a week ago, after bleeding my brakes and putting in fresh fluid, the front left locked up. I released the pressure by unscrewing the bleeder, then drained fluid from the reservoir and did the guitar string method of cleaning anything that might have been in that tiny hole. Fresh fluid in it and back on the road with brakes that were working better than ever. Now today the front left locked up again.

Not sure what to think because everything worked great for a few days after the cleaning and flushing I did. I know a full rebuild wouldn't hurt, but since they were working really well before this locking up, doesn't seem like they're in such bad shape and would like to put off spending money and time on that. Any thoughts on what might be the issue? I can repeat what I did before, but don't want to do it if it's just going to return to locking up shortly after.

The only other thing I might mention is that the sight glass on the reservoir developed a tiny leak. I made an attempt to cover it all in superglue, and that seemed to help. Not sure if that could somehow factor into this. Like the fluid is eating the superglue and then little particles are getting in the reservoir and clogging it up.

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Re: Front brake locking up, again

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i don't know how brake fluid is going to react with superglue, and i am never going to find out (unless i decide to run an experiment on the BENCH).
replace the sight glass or the entire reservoir/master, rebuild both calipers and replace the hoses.
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Re: Front brake locking up, again

Post by Maz »

+1 on hose replacement. It's possible the hose is de-laminating internally and a 'flap' of rubber is acting like a one-way valve.
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Re: Front brake locking up, again

Post by albinoredneck »

sounds like the return hole is clogged in the master cylinder. you may have a small bit of trash left inside.
take the master cylinder apart and spray it with brake cleaner,, do the guitar wire thing again, spray everything out again.
also drain your brake lines. spray them out as well.
check your junction block( where your brake line split)... make sure it is clean on the inside.
but chances are it's in your master cylinder.

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