Not start or click relais on 1100 gl1983

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Not start or click relais on 1100 gl1983

Post by GKTYPEE »

Hi I have an issue with my 1100 GL 1983 ... I a Brand new battery , replaced the starter relay and when i'm pushing the start button the head light shuts down but no clic to the relay and obviously no running the starter. When I'm shunting the relay the starter runs no start the engine . i checked the clutch safety switch ... no issue . Any idea ? the bike is only 23 000 miles ....

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Re: Not start or click relais on 1100 gl1983

Post by winguyjo »

is the kill switch in the "run" position ?
if so, do you have 12v at the battery side of the starter relay ?
if so, do you get 12v to the starter side of the starter relay when you press "start" ?
if so, what voltage do you get to the positive post on the starter when you press "start" ?

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Re: Not start or click relais on 1100 gl1983

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Sounds like a bad connection at battery or relay. Make sure battery connections are clean and TIGHT. I use a product called NoAlox which is an electrical anti-corrosion paste used in the electrical trade for that purpose. You can try to bypass the relay by connecting the battery directly to the starter by means of a jumper wire. Use automotive jumper cable(s) from a car for this test. If that starts the bike the issue may be the relay. They are available !
I have a naked 83 GW . Bought it then and still own! Hope that helps...JF

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