Brief drip of coolant from the weep hole

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Brief drip of coolant from the weep hole

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The other day I was doing a valve adjustment and then carb sync. As I was doing the sync, I noticed a small amount of coolant had come out of the water pump weep hole. I know this usually means it's time for a new pump or at least some refreshing in that area. But the thing is, it only happened that one time, briefly, during the sync. I've taken the bike out several times since and clocked a couple hundred miles, and zero drips. Was this just a random occurrence, and something I shouldn't be worried about?

There was one weird thing, which is that I had the spark plug caps off to remove some carb chrome before doing the sync. I forgot to put the left side back on, and then couldn't get it to start (after several tries) until I realized I needed to reconnect the caps. Then it started, and it was then that there was the little rain of coolant. Not sure if or how that could have been a factor, but I'm also not an expert on the workings of the water pump.

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Re: Brief drip of coolant from the weep hole

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Just keep an eye on it and antifreeze level in radiator(not just the reservoir bottle).
If it gets more pronounced then it's time for a waterpump.
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Re: Brief drip of coolant from the weep hole

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Antifreeze leaks can be mysterious. Got my bike in non-running condition from the PO who had it stored for 10 yrs. It was low mileage (21000) so I expected most parts were not "worn out". The radiator was full, and no leakage. I did significant restoration effort over a winter season, including new hoses and radiator flush, but never opened the pump. I fired it up and the weep hole dripped steadily when running... but not a drop when sitting shut off. I was anxious to get it on the road so I decided I'd just keep an eye on radiator levels and see how it went for a season. About 1 month, about 500 miles into the season the dripping stopped completely. Another year and a couple thousand miles later and it it still dry. Who'd a thought it would self heal ?? Apparently the seals softened up and adjusted by themselves. Maybe yours did the same. Keep an eye on it, but some positive Karma from the Goldwing Spirits might have shined down on you. Good Luck.
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