83 gl1100 goldwing in desperate need of help

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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83 gl1100 goldwing in desperate need of help

Post by xrisp03 »

Greetings all

I have run into a problem with my GL1100 goldwing,. I had put my trust in someone i know who works on bikes to change out my timing belts. The previous owner (my dad) only did basic maintenance on it, so i been going thru it replacing what i know how to fix. I had a friend who said they knew how to change timing belts on the older model honda so i trusted him with the job. After the job was done ( me not being present when the job was being done due to family issues ) came this morning to pick up the bike , upon starting the bike i heard a clanking sound coming from the right side ( right side when your sitting on the bike) so i immediately shut it down. I called the guy to come check it out again so i can find another ride to work. Long story short the guy tore it down again but had decided he doesn't want to deal with it. so now my question is how do i figure out where the correct timing is on the bike since this guy tore it down and now im left with parts all over the place. I watched the videos and it all seems easy enough , my thought is there a safe way to align the timing with the belts off or do i have put this all together again and figure it out myself. I was told i could turn the crank shaft to t1 then manualy turn each cam wheel until they are at thier proper marks , put belts on make sure nothing moved and poof its fixed, doesn't sound right so that why im here asking. any help with this is really needed.

sorry this was so dragged out too stressed of this ordeal cause the bike is sentimental to me being it was my fathers last bike. Thank you...

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Re: 83 gl1100 goldwing in desperate need of help

Post by Wilcoy02 »

Yes you can get it going yourself.
You wrote the correct procedure for doing it. Review the How to articles at the top of any page.
The one wheel is kinda tuff to get it aligned as the tension is on the pulley.
Rotate the engine by hand at least 2 times to see that you got the right timing marks.
Some put the belt on one cog off and when pressure is released it aligns correctly.
After you get the belts on rotate by hand 2 times for alignment of the teeth on the wheels.

Any questions just ask.
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Re: 83 gl1100 goldwing in desperate need of help

Post by dingdong »

Sounds like you possibly have damage to the valves on the right side causing the noise you hear. This is an interference engine. If the belts are out of time by more than a couple of teeth the pistons and valves will collide thus bending the valves. If so you will need to replace the bent valves on that side. Hope I'm wrong. Good luck!
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Re: 83 gl1100 goldwing in desperate need of help

Post by WingAdmin »

Your "friend" doesn't want to be bothered with it likely because he just discovered the internal damage that has occurred due to his incompetent work.

The clanking noise tells the story. You are going to have at best bent valves, and at worst pistons with holes punched in them. In either case, you've got some work ahead of you replacing parts before it runs again.

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