Hello again! Starter Issues

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Hello again! Starter Issues

Post by Billthebulldog »

Hello all, it seems that I need quite a bit of help getting my bike ready for the spring/summer. Last year I had to replace the starter on my 1983 Gl1100a after my mechanic left it to sit outside uncovered for 3 months. When I got it back, the starter would whir and then after I stopped pressing the starter button, would catch and I would be able to start the bike. Replaced the starter and it worked and ran like a dream. But now when I go start it, it just whirs and whirs and whirs and won't even engage the engine. Any guesses on what this might be? Is it something with the starter clutch? Any help would be awesome!

Thanks in advance! Hope to get out soon :D

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Re: Hello again! Starter Issues

Post by Chewy »

im gonna go with you starter clutch needs to be rebuilt. same thing happened on mine. before pulling the engine to replace the starter clutch, drain the oil and fill it with atf or kerosene. keep the oil that you drained out. once it is full, put the bike on the side stand. MAKE SURE IT IS IN NEUTRAL AND THE KILL SWITCH IS IN THE OFF POSITION FOR THE NEXT PART. engage the starter to see if the rollers will free up and grab. it may take a few tries, and you may want to take the plugs out to make it easier on the starter. if it engages, press the start button several time to make sure it continues to work. drain the fluid out of the motor, replace with the old oil that you drained out and start it. dont rev the motor a lot, let it run for a couple minutes to get the oil circulating through the engine. drain and replace with fresh oil, new oil filter and enjoy the ride.

at least twice a week, spin your starter with the bike running. doing this will move fresh oil up on the rollers to get rid of deposits, as that area of the engine does not have any kind of forced lubrication. it only recieves oil splash, and not much of it at that.

hope this works for you.
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Re: Hello again! Starter Issues

Post by WingAdmin »

The sprag clutch that connects the starter to the engine is prone to sludge buildup. It does not get a lot of oil flow, so this allows the sludge to build up there.

If you can get the engine started (push start in gear), you can likely recover it relatively easily with some Seafoam in the engine. If not, you're likely going to have to remove the clutch and clean it by hand.

Have a look here......

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