Fuel Filter Upgrade

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Fuel Filter Upgrade

Post by N2PPN »

Hi all you "Wingers",
Was having some fuel related issues with what might be sediment or crap in the fuel tank causing idle circuit issues after winter lay up....
I was going to just replace the fuel filter and the fuel lines (because they are about 10 years old now.... see post "Project Resurrection From The Back Of The Garage) and decided to upgrade my fuel filter to one with a better filter and smaller micron pass through number... I removed the clear plastic one that I had been using all these past years and discarded the bracket and used some SAE J30R7/30R14T12 barrier fuel injection hose and managed to fit the slightly larger filter into the limited space under the fuel tank and over the engine/transmission....
New filter https://shop.donaldson.com/store/en-us/ ... 0012/20019 has a 40 micron rating and has a steel case with a 5/16' inlet/outlet.... I shortened up the outlet side hose so it is closer to the fuel pump which keeps it in a position (because it is bigger than the OEM one) and out of interference with things in it's "occupied space"... I use this same filter inline on the outboard engine on my boat and haven't had any more issues with any sediment or fuel related "crap" getting into the carbs anymore on that engine, so thought it a good upgrade for the Wing...

1981 GL11100 I

Don't Worry,
Ride Happy!
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Re: Fuel Filter Upgrade

Post by UliJ »

Hi N2PPN, doesn`t yout filter upgrade bounce like hell???
It is hard to get matching spareparts in germany, so i order mostly at csmnl.com.
I just replaced the original factory filter from 1981 and found no differences in performance.
But once amonth i add somme carb Tune Up to the gastank. STP, LiquiMoly or equivalent. That works fine.
Ride on, have fun. Regards UliJ from Germany
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