naked 1100 wiring project/problems and questions HELP

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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naked 1100 wiring project/problems and questions HELP

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HI all,
I'm trying to get some front and rear turn signals onto a naked 1100i that the PO had done all the work on, except he didn't have the front turn indicators hooked up and I had to replace the entire instrument/light cluster unit along with the speedo/tach. Got that all hooked up and I got one of those cheap LED integrated rear units that's wired correctly. The problem is the front end. The front turn signals are incandescent. At key-on the turn signal lights come and remain on. When I flick the handlebar switch they turn off until I release it (front and rear lights act the same). There's no blinking going on unless I flick the switch real fast back and forth lol.

Could it be a bad turn signal flasher? Out of the flasher there's an empty ground female bullet connector. At the front bundle there's an empty male orange bullet wire but there's no other empty female ends available. Photos of remaining empty connections. I've got the wiring diagram but I've stretched my limits of comprehending where I've got it wrong obviously. :( ? P.S. - this is my first go at wiring period....motorcycle or otherwise. P.P.S. - it's got regular progressive shocks (no air shocks) so I'm not using those associated wires in the front end.

SECONDLY, when I was hooking up and testing, there was a pop and little smoke around the carb area (it's got a single carb mod). None of the fuses are blown but now I've found my fuel gauge is inop. Did I short a wire around that area? The bike still turns on and seems to run fine.

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