Another wing resurrected

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Another wing resurrected

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I’ve been slowly working on an 82 interstate. Last night was the first slow speed test ride. I still have a few things to work on but the major stuff is done.

First of note to self. When you only put a gallon of gas into it to test, remember that you only have that much in and have been running it to balance the carbs.

I still need to do front break pads that get here next week. The bags are not on the back yet so I still have to hook up the wiring and sort blowing fuses and order tires.

Lastly a question about these bikes. I know my clutch needs adjustment, the previous owner had left it with the nut all the way backed off. I just got it close to do the test. The entire function of the clutch is in the first inch of travel. So basically it only does anything for the first 1/4 of travel and the rest is just there. Now I don’t know what oil was in there and it was last registered 12 years ago so I tossed in a new filter some 5w30 and seafoam. Going to run a bit and change again. I’m used to clutches pulling the bike forward if you ease off it. Right now it just stalls the bike no matter how slow you let off the clutch with no additional throttle. Is that normal for the bike or should I look into it.

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