The fuel pump has a tapping noise. What antifreeze??

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The fuel pump has a tapping noise. What antifreeze??

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Happy to repost that Blackvelvet is running like the darling she is. New battery, new starter , cleaned out sludge with heavy dose of SeaFoam. Front brake still a little squishy, but I can't get that damn bubble out to save my life,, humm not a good chose of words.
The only thing now is, The tapping in my fuel pump. It might be a little louder then it was...
Does anyone know if this is normal, or maybe it might be a sign the pump might be going South?
The ole girl doesn't have but 88K on her.

I used the last of .5 quart of Honda Antifreeze. It is about 50 miles to the nearest Honda shop.
Is there a safe alternative.?

You guys Rock, I'll See ya in Wise, VA. 08/25 - 30.

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Re: The fuel pump has a tapping noise. What antifreeze??

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any silicate-free antifreeze will do.
i don't know where you are at with your front brake ... have you tried tying the brake lever back overnight ? this is an often used/often successful trick that i learned here.
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