head gasket job list of necessary gaskets/seals

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head gasket job list of necessary gaskets/seals

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Hi all,

I'm getting close to gathering all the parts (and courage lol) I need to do a head gasket job and a timing belt change at the same time. I'm confused on the list of new gaskets/seals though for the head gasket job. I got the Athena kit (951058) because it said it was everything you need for a top end engine job. I think that's not entirely the case though. It doesn't seem to have oil seals or cap for the cam shafts (left and right) at least and what else I need I don't know. I've tried looking at Partzilla to figure out which other ones I need beyond the Athena kit but I can't tell the difference between the multitude of "oil seals" on there for the 82 GL1100.

Aside from that I plan to at least change the tensioner springs when I do the timing belts. Anything else while I've got that area torn down?


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Re: head gasket job list of necessary gaskets/seals

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Might as well rebuild the time belt pullies. There are utubes on this proceedure.
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