Fix for stripped fuel pump bolt question

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Fix for stripped fuel pump bolt question

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The inner bolt on my fuel pump is slightly stripped enough to the point that I can't get the pump fully seated and tight against the head so I've got an oil leak while the bike is running. I've read that the helicoil repair is best but I've got some questions never having done that before. Drilling into the head just makes me real nervous.

So I just drill/re-tap into he head to put the insert in, but how far? Just measure the length of bolt hole and mark off that far on the drill bit? And do you use a hand tap for tapping a new thread or a power drill? Not sure how much space is available right there to fit a t handle hand tap if necessary.

Should I first just see if I can rethread the damaged original 8x32 threads in the head with a 8x32 tap and a t handle tap wrench?

Is there an easier fix? I've read about using a 5/16 tap because it's such a similar size and you don't need to drill a new larger hole but would that mess up the tach cable (because that's the bolt that secures it in place)?


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Re: Fix for stripped fuel pump bolt question

Post by WingAdmin »

I've not done this particular fix, but I have done enough "stripped out hole in aluminum block" fixes to recommend Time-Sert thread repair kits over Helicoil. I've had too many Helicoils fail and back out (once had it happen on an oil drain pan, leaving me stranded). The Time-Sert kits, while considerably more expensive, work perfectly and will NEVER back out. I used them to fix stripped out threads on spark plugs in the aluminum head on my truck once, and it was a perfect fix.
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