Single carb conversion

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Single carb conversion

Post by wingit11 »

I have been considering going with a single carb conversion. Looking for some feedback on the good and the bad experiences with this. Also long term experiences as far as performance and economy and any other information.

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Re: Single carb conversion

Post by LAB3 »

Here's the conclusions I've come to based on my experience with doing it. If your stock carbs are in working order then leave them on there, the engineers at Honda have more collective experience at making something work the way it should than the rest of us do.

In my case I was resurrecting a barely running bike on a shoestring budget, the cost involved in making the conversion was less than the price for a good quality rebuild kit for the stock system. Living "on the road" at least six months out of the year and having to make repairs where and when they're needed, the idea of making something more simple is awfully attractive. Using an aircooled VW carb means parts are easy to find and dirt cheap. Heck, everything I need for a complete rebuild fits in a padded envelope and doesn't take up much space in my trailer.

Many will say the Chinese made Pict 34-3 knock off of the VW carb will work just fine and they indeed will, until they don't. At 10k miles throttle shafts had worn and the thing was sweating if not starting to leak at every mating surface. I've since switched to GENUINE Solex branded Pict 34-3 which I found used and rebuilt, so far it's easier to tune and keep in tune.

As to gas mileage I'm getting low 40's on the interstate but around town, well, let's just say I'm not liking it at all! Cannot make a before/after conversion comparison but can say that I really expect more than I'm getting. I'm still in the process of playing with jetting and tuning which is kinda tough to do in a place where 30-50 temperature changes happen on a weekly basis. I'll have to refrain from making comments on this one until I've come to a solid conclusion but in any case, expect to take some time with re-jetting and dialing things in.

As I said, stick with your stock set-up if all is well.
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Re: Single carb conversion

Post by highlander_ca »

I am also considering going with the Solex conversion for simplicity sake. My '82 GLA is my daily commuter and my 2016 Navi for weekends. Looking for tips on the conversion for jet sizes etc.
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