Speedometer question

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Speedometer question

Post by kotkinjs1 »

Hello all,
I've searched forum and couldn't quite find my specific issue so I'll ask...

I just replaced my speedo cable after it broke at the wheel/hub end. Needle was going crazy then eventually just died completely. New cable went in no problem. But now the speed needle doesn't move yet the trip and odometer are working as normal. I couldn't have messed something up on the cable swap, right? It seems pretty simple. Could there be whatever actuates the needle inside the unit broken while the mileage counters still work? Can I take a cover off to check or lube something?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Speedometer question

Post by OldguyGlen »

Since no one else has responded, here's a few comments from general experience...
I have never dismantled a Goldwing speedo, but I have been inside automotive units.
Make sure the cable was inserted fully. Did it go in easily (i.e. it's square so it has to be aligned. You didn't jam it in?) The needle and the odometer are separate parts, but usually tie to the same cable engagement. If the needle is stuck fully pegged fast, then the spring return has failed. If it is stuck fully at zero, then the core shaft isn't spinning. They are magnetically coupled. There is a metal cup that spins, coupling a magnetic torque to the needle axle. If you have to take it apart search on this site for speedo dismantling threads. You have to peel the chrome ring open to separate the two half's. It can be done. I believe there will be plastic gears inside that can wear or break, but those mostly drive the odometer which is working??
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Re: Speedometer question

Post by mito57 »

Here is a diagram how it works. It's odd that the odometer works but the needle doesnt move at all. It's just a magnet driven system and it's simple.

I've opened a tachomenter which is pretty much the same but without the odometer. Be patient opening the outer ring. Just a lttle at a time and go all around a few times. Be very careful removing the needle or you can damage it or the shaft's end.

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