Fan/temp switch boot

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Fan/temp switch boot

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So on my way home from a 30 minute ride I noticed my temp gauge climbing to red while at stop light. Just about got red then the light changed and I got back on the highway and it went back down to about halfway on the gauge. Off the highway again at a red light it quickly climbed back up. Then I leaned over and noticed the fan wasn't on. When I get home I notice the switch, or rather the boot over the switch, and the green wire dangling. Broken off at the boot. Fan was working fine and temps were always good before this so I assume it's just the boot wire I need to fix or replace the boot. And the whole harness? Do you think I can repair just that wire? Solder it back somehow? I imagine finding that whole harness and boot with the wiring intact on eBay will be a pain.

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Re: Fan/temp switch boot

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Yup - you found the problem.

I'd just hack away at the rubber boot until you expose enough wire to solder to and solder it. Maybe coat the solder joint in epoxy when you are done.

Worst comes to worst, just do away with the boot entirely. The fan switch has two round-pin terminals on it, I think you could find some crimp connectors to put on the ends of the wires that would fit the pins. Be sure to solder the wires to the crimps.
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Re: Fan/temp switch boot

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i would pull the pin connector through from the inside. may have to drill the wire hole a little. crimp and solder a new pin connector to a new piece of wire, run wire through hole, and solder new wire back to original. i would also leave a couple extra inches more than oem to ease on stress.
dont forget the heat shrink.
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