Carb rebuild kits

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Carb rebuild kits

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Hi all!

I haven't been active here for over ten years, due to a spinal injury that kept me off my bike. That means the bike has been sitting ten years. I've checked the tank, and it is 95% rust free, and even that rust is very minor surface stuff. When I parked it, I parked it with a nearly empty tank and used ethanol free, if memory serves. At any rate, I know the carbs will need cleaning at least, rebuilding at worst. What is the most often used, good kits for these old bikes?

I truly appreciate it.

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Re: Carb rebuild kits

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I am doing the exact same thing, have changed the belts and moving on to the carbs, from what I have heard the cheap kits have parts that are usable and and some not, one guy I watched only was able to use the gaskets,orings,jets, float needles and accelerator pump diaphragm.. Not the floats and air cut offs , as I recall this was the same story 5 years ago with the cheaper kits,
What I did was take them apart and only replaced what was worn and cleaned the jets, When I fire it back up soon I was thinking of filling a syringe with brake cleen or alcohol followed by a syringe of seafoam then the rest fuel
I did run pure gas and closed the fuel then ran my carbs dry so who knows
Everone seems to like the Randakk kits, I shopped around online dealers and only bought what I needed
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Re: Carb rebuild kits

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I guess you need to try running the bike to see if everything is in order. If you think you need to do a rebuild, Randakk's sells the most reliable kit (also the most expensive apart from OEM). There are plenty of random kits on Ebay and Amazon that are much cheaper, but they are a gamble. And, trust me, you don't want to do the job twice because of poorly made and/or ill-fitting parts. Also, the cheap kits don't have the plenum gasket, and might be missing a couple of other unique o-rings. Another thing, using an ultrasonic cleaner is very helpful for getting them really clean. A respected carb rebuilder told me the best is to clean ultrasonically with Extreme Simple Green, which is an amped-up aviation version of the normal Simple Green cleaner. Use a 10:1 (water:cleaner) ratio for that.
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