Gear indicator light

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Gear indicator light

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Hello, i am new to this forum but was told by my father a very avid goldwing fan that if i had questions this was the place to go. I recently replaced my water pump on my 1983 GL1100A and after getting everything together (front cover, water pump housing and water outlet) i find that my gear indicator on the dash thinks i am in 4th gear and if i try to move it only place it will go into is OD. Did i mess something up and can it be fixed without taking everything back apart? Thank you for any info in this matter.

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Re: Gear indicator light

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In that link is a photo of the Neutral Switch.
Yes, you MAY need to pull off that transmission cover but first rock the back wheel and shift through ALL of the gears ending (absolutely certain) in Neutral.
Note which gear the OD light comes on in.
If the Neutral light won't illuminate in Neutral, remove the cover then align the neutral switch so that the Neutral light is illuminated when key is on (engine off).
Then guide the cover back on making certain that the switch's pins align and engage the slot.

Snug two cover bolts, rock the back wheel and shift up to OD, re-verify OD light illuminates, then return it to Neutral and verify Neutral light illuminates with key on.
I'd also order a new trans cover gasket BEFORE removing the cover because it's VERY LIKELY that the one you just installed will rip.

There is also a VERY COMMON problem with that cover gasket being TOO THIN from "some" aftermarket sources.
In that case, you many not even be able to shift into all of the gears meaning you already installed one of those THIN GASKETS. The gear selection mechanism is jamming.
When all else fails, RTFM!

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