Carb rebuild

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Carb rebuild

Post by bvande »

Do anyone on this forum clean carbs?
I had my Honda mechanic clean my carbs but I think he might have missed something
It is still hesitating under hard acceleration but runs smooth up until I try to pass someone

I would be looking for someone to do the full meal deal on this. Ultrasonic clean, gone through thoroughly. Looking for someone who is a master with these carbs and can dial them in perfectly

Thank you

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Re: Carb rebuild

Post by biguns »

Sorry to say pistol Pete is no longer in business, he had Goldwing motors he ran them on after rebuilds,, pretty much a bolt on and go rebuilding service
If they are out of the bike fill the carb with fuel and see that the accelerator pump jets are working, just fill the carb and work the throttle and you will see a spray of fuel out of each carbs throat.
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