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Question about brakes

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:21 pm
by rbaker
First off I am new to the site, motorcycle, and new to DIY.

I bought a 1983 GL1100i in mid-December so that I could customize it to a bobber or cafe racer. I needed a new hobby since my knees can not take any more sports. I love bikes, so I figured it would be a perfect fit. The bike was ridden home, approximately 1.5 hr ride, after the purchase. As soon as I got it home I began removing all the fairings and extra stuff. I already was aware the rear brakes needed to be replaced. One night I went to the shop and was going to move it out. The rear brakes were locked in place. I took the rear brake off and and began taking apart. I bled the brakes and the pistons were stuck in the out position. I had trouble removing the brakes from the disc. I knocked the pins out till it released the inside pad. One pin was stuck at about the halfway position. The other came out with ease. Also when the original incident took place the brake pedal was stuck in the down position. I am able to pull it up and down with ease but it will not go back to the original position on its own. I cleaned the dirt off around the spring but nothing helps. I also greased the pistons and was able to get them to go back in. I replaced the fluid cleaned everything up annnnnnd still nothing!! FYI, when the brake line was off I would press on the pedal, and plenty of clean fluid would exit the hose.

Help..please :evil:

Re: Question about brakes

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:11 am
First you need to take the brake pedal off it's spindle and clean/sand and grease the spindle. some just try to squirt some WD40 or chain lube in there..but it won't's rusted and grabbing. Second never use grease on the inside of the brake cup or outside of the piston..take it apart and get the grease completely out; only use brake fluid to lubricate for install, and get a new o ring.. Check the piston for pitting at the point where it contacts the o ring in the it's pitted there replace or at least fill the pits with JB weld, sand down carefully..really buff back to smooth not sand. It's basically the mid part of the piston that HAS to smooth..the bottom 3/8" and the top 3/8" usually don't hit the o ring. Another thing that can cause brakes to lock is a collapsing hose..acts like a one way valve. And last is a clogged return hole in the master.