pulse generators

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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pulse generators

Post by dano955 »

how do you test pulse generator on 1985 GL 1200- i have read several forms but just do not seem to get it if anyone have pic. i can figure it out/ i bought a parts bike a couple years ago can you test them while they are out thanks

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Re: pulse generators

Post by hotwire »

Hey friend, just saw your post and I am actually dealing with the same issue. I also have an '85 Aspencade 1200. I have a Honda factory manual that says to ohm the generators, and they should read 1200 ohms plus or minus 100, but that is for the '84 models, which use a different pulse generator. According to what I can find out, the ''85 - '87 models should read about 300 ohms plus or minus around 10 per cent. Now I don't want to be presumptuous, and may be telling you something you already know...... but in case .... the four pin connector has two pairs of wire, blue and white, for cylinders 3 & 4. The other pair are yellow and white for cylinders 1 & 2, ACCORDING to my manual. Ohm one set with a good meter that has multi- ranging so you know the readings are correct, by probing across the pair (if this is confusing, and you have them out), you can look at each separate one to figure which pair is which. If they read o.k., then check the other pair of wires in the connector for approx. the same reading. If either one is out of specs, I would say replace them. You can leave your meter on the connector and pass the small pick-up past a piece of metal, (within about the thickness of a match book cover), and the generator should momentarily go open, and then return to original reading. I took my bike apart and removed the pulse generators to check them and one of them out of the pair read open, and the other read 323 ohms. After I passed the questionable one over a piece of metal several times, it would sometimes try to read, and I believe that is why my bike sometimes backfires, sputters, and dies, then starts back up in just a few minutes. The one is probably breaking down under the heat, after all, they're almost thirty yrs. old. The O.E.M. Honda part # is 30300-ML8-680, and my local Honda dealer can still get new sets for about $130.00, but I found a set online for less. Man, I hope this helps. If you have NOT taken your bike apart yet, I would try to check them on the bike. The four pin connector is in front of the voltage regulator under the top cover on left side of bike. Remember four wires, blue, yellow, and two whites. If one reads open circuit, rotate engine just a bit to take it off crank target. To take them out, gotta drain radiator and remove to pull timing belt covers, but is a good opportunity to check the belts. Again, hope this helps. P.S. According to our friend on this forum, Virgilmobile, if your bike is acting like mine, you may also want to check the ignition coils! Good Luck, Hotwire.

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Re: pulse generators

Post by TheRepoGuy »

Going to resurrect an old thread - to drop a thank you for the aforementioned information. I’m pretty sure this is the last thing on my list of “broken mishaps” that need to be replaced before mine will actually fire over...HOPEFULLY anyway so Thank you for the information Hotwire!

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Re: pulse generators

Post by ride dont hide »

Hi dano955, hotwire gave a fantastic response to your question and I would like to add my experience as well. I was sure one of my pgs were bad but tested in spec while installed on the bike. I removed them and tested them again and found one went completely dead while I wiggled it during testing. Bike would run well then instantly die but restart immediately. Would run for a few miles of a few feet! Hope this helps....

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