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wiring schematic for 84 GL1200

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:20 am
by Bildo1973
Good morning, I was wanting to know where I could find wiring schematic for my trunk rail lights. None of my lights work on the trunk and I see a yellow wire hanging but have no idea where it goes or if it is even the right wire to hook up. lights on my hard bags do not come on either, but can see they have been cut inside. If anyone has idea, Pls let me know. Thank you

Re: wiring schematic for 84 GL1200

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:29 am
by SilverDave
Rail lights, and hard luggage side lights are almost certainly add-on additions , and will probably not be on a standard wiring diagram.
When I remember to do so, I carefully add any extra lighting wiring to my own in-the-manual wiring diagram.

If your PO did not give you such a diagram ... " I feel your upcoming pain " ... lol
Welcome to the wonderful world of wire tracing !!

My bike's PO had added several wires for the trailer attachments : ground in black, hot in black ... Turn signal wires also in black .
The easiest way through that sorta mess is to go to an auto shop, buy several colours of wiring , and just re-wire...
oh .. and add those wires to the diagram in whatever manual you are using .

Across the top of the rear fender, the wires were in fairly good condition... so as I identified those, I just added plasticated labels :
" This wire is yellow "

To sort it all out .. took months , in bits and pieces

have fun !!