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Dislodged mirror fastening nut

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:15 pm
by SilverDave
One of the two mirror fastening nuts came loose ( inside the fairing ) ...

I was able to track it down , with a magnet , after removing the "glove box" tray .. and clean it up

Now comes the re-attachment problem . Does anyone have any clever ideas ?
- I was going to try strong epoxy to just snug it up against the inside plastic... but the clearance inside is very tight....


Re: Dislodged mirror fastening nut

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:47 pm
by WingAdmin
I don't know if it's anything like the 1100, but if it is, there is a ridge molded into the inside of the fairing that holds the nut from turning once it gets reasonably snugged up. If not...perhaps a lock washer?

Re: Dislodged mirror fastening nut

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:41 pm
by SilverDave
The original nut had a plate/clip welded to it and it looks like the clip broke off... with the speaker and glove box out and a steady grip, I can get the nut back on the bolt.... maybe ...
and I think it will tighten up once it gets started ...

My worry is the next time I have to remove the mirror will also involve the speaker/glovebox routine, as well as finding the nut. again ..
Two component epoxy is not sticking, and was not at the correct alignment for the bolt .

The 1200 mirror rests on two small platforms and a rubber button , and the two bolts go thru holes in the small platforms to pre-installed nuts , clipped on, somehow , inside the fairing.

My boat building friend said :
" Aha ... a blind nut in an impossible to get to place ... just like parts of a boat .
You need to find a new nut and a disposable bolt, drill out the top of the small platform and slather lots and lots of slow epoxy in there. Then temporarily install the mirror to align the second bolt and wait till the epoxy cures . Then remove the disposable bolt, maybe chase out some stray epoxy from the nut , and install the proper flanged mirror bolt ...easy as pie !! "

Good grief !
I was hoping for an easier fix .