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Ready To Ride

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:28 pm
by geraldm
600 miles on the aspy this spring , thought the bike handled very nice last year besides the wobble bit . , but after all the work I done to it ( complete front end rebuild including anti dive mec. neck brgs. all seals , brakes pads . new Michelin commander 11 tires front and rear , new rear wheel brgs. new rear brake pads , -- new solenoid , and many other parts that make no difference for handling or ride but the bike handles like a dream , no more wobble , control and cornering are vastly improved , the only bitch I have on the old wing is it just likes it's fuel ), .. new led 9.5 inch 90 watt spot flood combo off road driving light with 6 -5 watt 10 deg. spots and 12 - 40 deg. 5 watt floods ,,, Only used for night when light traffic ,,, but man that thing lights up the sky , there is no fear of wildlife at night as I can see from ditch to ditch for a good distance and down the road at least 1/4 mile probably closer to 1/2 mile , but it is a VERY bright white light and should always be shut off at least 1 mile from oncoming traffic.

All in all I am very happy with my old bike it is very dependable and a breeze to handle for a big boy . And the best part of all is ,, last year my insurance was $103 per month ,, this year being 30 years old , in Saskatchewan is considered an antique vehicle and for 12 months it cost $108 with $500 deductible . only catch is I must also have another vehicle registered which I do for work anyway . looking at either Alaska or Newfoundland for a trip this year , Buddy and myself just haven't decided which way to go yet . either place is good with me so long as I'm riding . hope everyone has a real good and safe riding season . Have a good one Gerald

Re: Ready To Ride

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:30 am
by Rednaxs60
Glad you are out of the deep freeze and riding. Like the work you've done, will pay off. Been checking the fuel economy on my '85 LTD of late. Getting just better than 15 Km per litre city and highway. Works out to about 44 IMPG. Going on a trip around BC first part of June. Looking forward to checking fuel consumption from highway driving. Have fun.