Starter Solenoid Interchageability

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Starter Solenoid Interchageability

Post by tbeiler »

Have heard on another forum that the 1500 starter solenoid is more robust than the 1200 solenoid. Larger dogbone fuse.
Just wondering out of curiousity if a 1500 starter solenoid can be used on the 1200. I don't have any issues with mine, I still have the original dogbone fuse. Have read about adding the blade type fuse and will probably do it this winter.
Has anyone tried the 1500 to 1200 solenoid, or can it even be done.

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Re: Starter Solenoid Interchageability

Post by leakyroof58 »

New to these forums, but 25+ years electronics experience....
The terms 'relay' and 'solenoid' actually mean the same thing.
Both use a small amount of current thru their coil to control
a much larger amount of current thru the secondary contacts.
Energize the coil with a key-switch or starter switch, and you
pull-in the secondary contacts. Basically it connects the battery
directly to the starter, in our case. (I once used a solenoid from
a 1990 F-150 in my riding mower, 'cause it was sunday and nothing
was open. Worked just fine.)

The fuse should be separate and apart from the solenoid. You say
the 1500 solenoid is more robust than the 1200's, so I can only guess
that its secondary contacts are rated for a higher current. But again
the fuse should be a separate issue. Do NOT put in a bigger fuse
than is standard for your bike. Asking for trouble there. In your case
I would think the 1500 solenoid would work fine, as it was meant
to handle more current than your 1200 takes, at least as I understand
your question.

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