Stator numbers

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Stator numbers

Post by Saintjude33 »

I did my stator and R/R last fall, what fun was that. I'm having an odd charging issue now, and I need to see if anyone has any ideas on it.

Everything was good until about a month ago, when the battery started dropping off a bit. I keep the wing on a trickle charger if I go more than a week without firing her up. I installed a meter into the plastic cover on the right side of the faring and connected it to the accessory screws on the fuse block. I understand this isn't the most accurate way to go about it, and I plan on correcting that part by mounting the terminals directly to the battery, but I can add about a half volt to account for leakage. Anyway- I just use it as a monitor, so no big deal.

I noticed she was running about 11.7 volts on the road doing 30-60mph, and thought that was low, so I put a meter on the battery and ran her at about 3k RPM and the battery was reading 12.2. Does that seem low to anyone? I tapped into the 3 yellow wires, and two were pushing 4.5V while the third was around 2.2-2.5. It's pushing juice, but is it the stator being the issue, or am I getting electrical leakage on it.

I'm looking into this ( ... da/gl1200/) in a couple weeks, I was wondering if anyone had don the conversion, and how difficult it is. I already converted my dogbone to a 30amp blade fuse, and the direct solder of the 3 yellow wires is on the books- If this is part of it I will wait until I hear more from some experienced wrenchers.

Let me know what you think.

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Re: Stator numbers

Post by wilmo »

First of all, the voltage at the battery does seem low at 12.2 v. But I think you're measuring your output volts from the stator incorrectly. Those readings should be 65vAC. AC not DC. do this again but set your meter for AC volts and look for around 65v. This is with the stator disconnected from the regulator, running at 3k rpm. That's what mine produces. I've just recently replaced mine as well and just again had to replace the R/R as it failed. If all three legs produce 65vAC then it's good, look at your r/r for replacement. If one leg pair drops lower than the other two, say 25vAC, then your stator has bagged again. My regulator when it failed would allow no more than 12.5 v to the battery but stator put out 65vAC. replaced the r/r and now have 14.8v at the battery.
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Re: Stator numbers

Post by NVSB4 »

You should be getting more juice from the alternator when running than that. At 3k rpm, you should show at least 14 volts.
There are many tests that can be done on the charging system to help determine the cause, do you have a shop manual?

That Electrical Connection charge harness looks like a great item. Wish it was available when I had my 1200.
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