Valve cover gaskets ( CHEAT )

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Valve cover gaskets ( CHEAT )

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First off I'm not suggesting anyone do what I have done but if your tired of changing gaskets and grommets this might be for you ..

When I read up on guys that have changed gaskets and have had poor or negative results it makes me think WHY as most have seemingly done a reasonable job on cleaning and installation with acceptable parts . So out with the calipers and started to do some measurements of how much crush the actual visible part of the gasket ( when installed ) is compressed . My number was 4 to 5 thou. which I feel is not quite enough to do a GOOD job of sealing .. although the rib that fits into the valve cover groove does compress more like 15 to 20 thou .

What I done with each one of the 8 valve cover bolts was mount them in the lathe and cut 20 thou. off the shoulder that contacts the engine cyl. head , giving the bolt almost one extra turn before contacting head when tightening .

I found this to be very effective in sealing without squeezing the gasket to much and creating push out ... ANYTHING OVER 20 THOU. IS PROBABLY EXCESSIVE . Also there is no fear of making the bolt shoulder too weak as it is only snug when tightened ..

As a further note I salute the engineers for making a product that will fail possibly several times in the life of the engine ..and how much EXTRA revenue would that generate over the life of the engine in replacement gaskets alone .. especially at Honda prices .

Most people know someone that has a simple engine lathe to cut the shoulder back and if not it would be a minimal charge at most shops and IMO a worthy improvement in design .. Have a good one Gerald .

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Re: Valve cover gaskets ( CHEAT )

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Interesting solution to a possible issue. I had some leakage with my '85 LTD when I bought it last fall. Ordered a set from Honda and installed with no gasket sealer/cement and have had no leak issues to date. Do know that every now and then valve covers do leak.

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Re: Valve cover gaskets ( CHEAT )

Post by ekvh »

A washer behind the sealing grommets works too.

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