84' Gl1200.

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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84' Gl1200.

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I bought a buke that was parked in a nice dry garage for seven years,with fuel left in it and stabil mixed in it., I drained the carbs and fuel tank and put fresh fuel and sea foam in it and installed a new battery. Bike started first try. The guy I bought the bike from told me the carbs were rebuilt and gone thru the year he parked it. Now, the bike moves and runs and all that but has no power. He had a after market cruise added at some point and its not working. I dont care about the cruise but on the left side ( from drivers seat) there is a vacume hose that comes off the carb up to the glove box anf hooks to a round cylinder,it looks like another hose is suppose to be hooked there as well but is missing? Bike takes forever to get to highway speed and as soon as you shift to OD it bogs down. Seems like a vacume leak or some things not working right. No misses at all ,no choke issues,bike starts cold or hot without problems. Two floats on the red r carbs were stuck and dumping gas ,I tapped on the bowels and they stopped leaking gas. Ive started running seafoam thru it and it seems to have helped but still not a fan huge improvement at cruising speed. Any ideas? Vacume? Carb? Ive changed the fuel filter as well.

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Re: 84' Gl1200.

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Generally a lack of power indicates one of three things:

- lack of spark
- lack of air
- lack of fuel

A dirty fuel or air filter can cause the last two. Many things can cause the lack of fuel - restrictions, dirty carbs, weak fuel pump, etc.

A vacuum leak will not cause a lack of power. In fact, if your problem is lack of air, a vacuum leak will generally HELP this problem.

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Re: 84' Gl1200.

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7 years...carbs are gummed up. Ain't no snake oil gona keep carbs good for 7 years! JMOpinion as always.

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